Powerful and engaging corporate video programmes can introduce audiences to new ways of thinking and help them see things from a different perspective.

From simple interviews to devastatingly accurate parodies, evocative dramas that bring a situation to life, or clever animations, the moving image is a compelling way to impart messages with meaning.

Take a minute to view some of our favourite video programmes.


HMX Video Showreel

The latest HMX showreel, showcasing some of our recent video projects.

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We are FSO

We were asked to make a keynote film to inspire and enlighten 6,000 people from around EMEIA with the range of opportunities that exist at the firm. Our response was to produce this glossy film, to emphasise the international nature of the work, to show how colleagues work together across borders and services, and to inspire delegates to make the most of the opportunities.

Lion's Lair

Our client wanted to give employees an opportunity to make an impact on the business and in response, we developed a parody of a well known TV format, which we called Lion's Lair. Senior Partners acted as Lions, and offered funding to ideas they thought would have impact. The final films were shown at an event we produced for 3,000 staff.


This video was produced for a client as a sales and marketing piece. The video was to explain and highlight the assets that the parent company own, and the work they do, to clients. We used a global theme and the use of 'imagine' to emphasise their reach, and highlight their impact on the world around us.

Global Talent Hub

This animation was produced for our client as an internal promo. It was to encourage staff to use a centralised service centre. Rather than produce another talking head interview, we decided to use animation to tell a compelling story and to keep the message lighthearted but retain its impact. 

Whatman sales video

We produced this video for GE Healthcare's Whatman division. The film is currently in use as a sales piece for exhibitions, and client pitches. We wanted to bring the Whatman portfolio of products to life - and did this by creating dramas which show how the public interacts with these products on a daily basis. 

Breaking the Bank

This film was produced as part of a wider solution to engage and train our client’s Financial Service Office EMEIA workforce, and was shown at an event in Rome for 6,000 colleagues. Its aim was to bring colleagues up to speed on the 2007 financial crisis, and the reasons behind the crash. We produced a compelling drama to ensure impact, to educate, and to make the story memorable.